3 Basic Self-Care Habits Every Introvert Should Try

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3 Basic Self-Care Habits Every Introvert Should Try

This is a guest post from Melissa Howard at Stop Suicide.

Are you getting enough self-care to keep your mind and body healthy? If not, then you may need to change up some of your habits. If you’re also an introvert, those self-care habits need to focus on maintaining your sense of well-being even when you are spending most of your time solo. You can start with these basic self-care tips and tricks.

Cooking Healthy Meals for One

Cooking healthy meals for one person can be made much simpler via meal prepping. With meal prepping, you can spend a few hours each weekend preparing and cooking nutritious meals and snacks to keep in your refrigerator or kitchen; that way, you won’t be so tempted to order takeout or pick up fast food when hunger strikes.

Want to make things even simpler? Rice cookers, which come in a variety of different options, can add a serving of healthy carbohydrates to your meals for the week. Simply measure out some rice and water, and then you can set your rice cooker for perfectly prepared rice to accompany all of your healthy meals. Just be sure to check out product reviews and details before you pick one up so you know you are getting the most for your money.

Meal prep

If you love the idea of setting and forgetting your cooking process, you can also invest in an Instant Pot. Instant Pots can also cook rice, but you can also use these appliances to prepare healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks in minutes. Need to add some extra flavor? Consider using dried fruits in recipes; a few excellent examples of dried fruits to use include apricot and currant chicken or dried fig souvlaki.

Getting More Exercise at Home

Does working out in a crowded gym or studio make you anxious? Well, just because you’d prefer to sweat it out alone doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the benefits of going to the gym or yoga studio. If you have a spare room, garage, or even a backyard, you can easily build a dream home gym that will make you want to work out more every day. All you really need are a few key pieces of equipment and you will be all set to burn calories and build muscle.

Yoga Mat

If yoga is your go-to for exercise and relaxation, you can also consider carving out some space for your own yoga and meditation room. The vibe in your in-home yoga space should be calm and relaxing, so avoid filling this area with too much clutter or color. Even if you don’t have enough space to dedicate an entire room to your yoga or exercise routine, you can always pick up compact workout gear to help you stick to your fitness goals. You can easily store all of these fitness essentials in a closet or under your bed, and then you can pull them out to follow along with online workout classes, so you can stay in shape without going to an overwhelming gym.

Taking Steps to Enhance Sleep Quality

As an introvert, you likely already know the value of downtime to help yourself relax and recharge from social events. That solo time is crucial for your overall health and well-being, but you also need to make sure that your sleep hygiene is up to par. Getting better sleep is one of the greatest self-care gifts you can give to yourself since quality sleep is essential for managing all aspects of your health and wellness.

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Still, many introverts can also have anxiety issues that cause them to lose out on this nourishing sleep, especially when it comes to social situations. In fact, your introversion may be a form of social anxiety; after all, so knowing the difference can be good for your mental health and your sleep habits. If you tend to feel anxious at night, you may need to find effective methods for calming down your thoughts and relaxing your body before bedtime. Some things that can soothe anxiety for introverts include meditation and journaling.


There’s nothing wrong with needing more time for yourself. Just be certain that you spend some of the time on essential self-care routines to improve your mind, body, and sense of well-being.

You can be your unique, amazing, beautiful self!

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