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A Paean to Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

Joy and woe are woven fine
A clothing for the soul divine
Under every grief and pine
Runs a joy with silken twine.
– William Blake

Searching for the Divine

My life has always been about helping myself and others fulfill our life’s purpose. When I retired from a university position as a professor of language and communication theory, I doubled/tripled my focus to realizing God’s plan for me in this life.

My energy level had sunk low; a problem with perfectionism developed at the age of 20/21 hampered my leading a joyful, truly happy life. My physical organs were healthy according to doctors, but my spirit fought a daily battle to keep itself cheerful and positive. While I hung on to the belief that I would eventually achieve that closeness to God that I longed for, I wondered as each year and month and decade went by if that would/could happen.

Finding you, Guruji.

Then in 2011, I found you, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi! I had investigated every healing modality and read countless “holy” and inspirational books, and I had become trained in qigong, a modality that spoke to me because of its 5,000 year history and practical and systematic approach to wellness in body and mind. But then there was you! Your amazing work in science resonated with me. It was clearly miraculous in nature, and you were without doubt a profoundly gifted and God-centered person.

Without hesitation, I signed up for your initial 3 blessings and then joined your healing masters program. I trusted you. That trust did not disappoint. I began to notice a gradual improvement in my energy level; I noticed too a big increase in mental clarity. And deep down, my faith told me that your path was my path, that I would achieve with the help of Divine grace the God realization that was/is my life’s core bidding.

I listened to every word you uttered, attended online or in person every retreat, and was determined no matter the financial constraints to stay with the program. I found and find myself saying over and over “thank you, thank you” to my God for the totally unexpected gifts that your blessings brought me.

 The Transformative Gifts of Blessings and Discourses

Your discourses are uniquely illuminating; they turned and continue to turn my thinking upside down, cleansing thought processes that don’t serve my wellbeing and that indeed can be misleading. Those blessings and teachings revive the intense longings of my spirit, and they provide me real and transformative ways of living my life. They help me release the past, let go of hyper concern about the future, and I focus now on how I can foster day in and day out a pure devotion to unvarnished Truth, to unadulterated honesty, and on how I am relating to others as I transform a habit of pampering to genuinely caring for myself as well as others.

You give me, Guruji, not only the immense riches of your blessings and discourses, you also bestow the powerful gift of being able to transmit this divine blessing to others and to have my ability to do so tested in laboratory science. Your brilliant guidance and generous help and time in guiding me and each of my colleagues to develop a personal website changed my concept of what it can mean to be supported by the magnificent God of our understanding who wants all of us to be abundant and productive in every area of our lives.

Opening to Possibilities I never could have dreamed of

My life had been built on values that included a consecration to scarcity and poverty for God’s sake! My perception of holiness shifted profoundly when you sent my colleagues and me to Los Angeles for a professional photo shoot. You turned my thought system upside down again. I laughed heartily during that shoot, recognizing the silliness of devaluing creation. You restored to me an essential joy in being alive and thriving on the gift of our mysteriously generous Creator.

A Joyful, New life

Oh, if I had my life to live over again with the profound blessings and sacred knowledge you have Divinely given me, how different my life could have been. It is different now though and that is what matters.  I love to be around you and my Trivedi family of Dahryn, Alice, and all the wonderful colleagues you have created, mentored and fostered. Your love for the Divine and the creation knows no bounds.  And through that powerful love, I am and will be eternally grateful for my own growth and the gift of helping transform others.

My mind and heart explode with gratitude. My spirit is becoming ever more deeply calm, trusting, and happy.

Thank you, Guruji.


My yearning is that all avail themselves of this powerful, transformative Life Force energy.

If your spirit so prompts, visit my website https://eileenmeagher.com and select the program that suits your need.


*For information on Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, visit his website at https://trivedieffect.com


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