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eileen meagher natural healer


is a gifted energy healer

Born a natural healer, she is gifted now with the power to heal at a profound level. Eileen’s healing abilities have been scientifically validated using cell-based and mouse models on overall health, quality of life, skin health and Vitamin D absorption.

Today, she supports individuals in transforming the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of their lives. She is passionate about utilizing holistic healing for leading people out of suffering and into fulfillment. Eileen feels immensely blessed to serve the pure source of all life by working with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in advancing the health and well being of our world.

Eileen was a successful and respected member of her university community.
Her love for the truth and her constant pursuit of it motivated and permeated her every endeavor and her life.

Eileen Meagher was born in Ireland into a large family of nine children. From her earliest years, her life’s purpose was clear: to serve humanity. The head of her class at every level of education, she surprised her caring parents, teachers and friends when she decided at the tender age of 18 to give her all to her life’s purpose by entering a religious order in the United States. She taught at all levels of formal education while excelling in her studies at the graduate and post graduate levels, earning her PhD with high honors in an interdisciplinary program emphasizing Language, Rhetoric and Communication Theory.

As a Professor of Rhetoric at a State University in the USA, Eileen was renowned for her passion for inspiring her students to investigate ceaselessly not only the thoughts of scholars but also their own unquestioned assumptions. She had a reputation for pushing students hard while at the same time compassionately taking into account their individual life contexts. She pushed herself hardest of all. Creating new curricula and courses, administering academic programs, organizing workshops for faculty colleagues, conducting seminars for faculty in elementary schools, high schools and colleges, teaching upper division undergraduate and graduate students, mentoring graduate students and presenting scholarly papers at numerous academic conventions nationwide, she was the recipient of several awards.

eileen meagher integrative medicine specialists knoxville

While deeply appreciative of the singular focus, sacrifice and commitment of religious life, Eileen sought to satisfy her yearning for Truth by exploring varied cultural and spiritual traditions, by reading the sacred treatises and books written by ancient and modern scholars and mystics through the ages, by engaging in varied practices of meditation and by studying alternative medicine.

Drawn to the intersection of science and spirituality, her search culminated in finding Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and his gifted and unique work.

eileen meagher integrative medicine specialists knoxville

“Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is an ordinary man – with an extraordinary ability. He has discovered the power to harness universal, intelligent energy – and connect other individuals to it so that they can achieve strength, health, wealth, knowledge and happiness. Imagine becoming not what you wanted to be – but far more than you ever thought you could be. With The Trivedi Effect®, you don’t have to imagine – because anything is possible to achieve”

Mr. Trivedi, like the enlightened mystics of every tradition, transcends the boundaries of institutional religion. He is a devotee of no particular religion. He encourages people to follow whatever path leads them to the God of their understanding while exhorting all to adhere to universal principles of truth and justice.

The energy of The Trivedi Effect® is not just different from or better than the various existing energy medicine or healing modalities. It is qualitatively different. It is astonishing scientists and changing their perceptions of the possible.

Eileen joined Mr. Trivedi’s Healing Masters program seven a half years ago and during those years received and continues to receive powerful biofield energy transmissions from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. The result is an amazing and continuous transformation mentally, physically and psychologically. Born a natural healer, she is gifted now with the power to heal at a profound level.

Her healing work along with the healing work of her colleagues has been tested by trained scientists under rigorous laboratory conditions and proven valid and authentic. The healings are real and their outcomes are published in conjunction with Mr. Trivedi’s work in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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These scientific publications authenticate and validate Eileen’s ability to harness the life energy from nature for the well-being of all life forms including human beings. Eileen has done specific research with skin care and Vitamin D and is currently involved in research on dysmenorrhea, bone, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and VDR (Vitamin D Receptor). The publications with her work are available in library websites of major universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford and Cambridge as well as the National Institutes of Health in the US.

Eileen feels immensely blessed to serve humanity and all living things by working with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in advancing the health and well being of our world.

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