29 04, 2019

The Evolution of the Ministry of Healing: Qigong and the Trivedi Effect, Part II

By |2019-05-20T11:28:27-04:00April 29th, 2019|Spiritual|0 Comments

I was quite content with the work Qigong enabled me to do. Helping others gives one much satisfaction and happiness. I never imagined I could do anything better than lift [...]

23 04, 2019

The Evolution of the Ministry of Healing From Qigong to the Trivedi Effect. Part I

By |2019-05-07T06:28:20-04:00April 23rd, 2019|Spiritual|2 Comments

For some time, I have been mulling over how I can accurately compare the qigong I was trained in and the Trivedi Effect a group of friends and I have [...]

19 03, 2019

From the “Urge” to Qigong to the Trivedi Effect: My Healing/Helping Journey

By |2019-05-03T03:14:47-04:00March 19th, 2019|Spiritual|3 Comments

The Beginning of My “Healer” Journey From my earliest years, there was always the inner urge to help others.  And that urge was commanding and at times demanding. When dishes [...]

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