The Evolution of the Ministry of Healing From Qigong to the Trivedi Effect. Part I

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The Evolution of the Ministry of Healing From Qigong to the Trivedi Effect. Part I

For some time, I have been mulling over how I can accurately compare the qigong I was trained in and the Trivedi Effect a group of friends and I have been gifted/graced with. On the surface, these modes of healing are quite alike but at their core are fundamentally different.

The art and science of qigong came into my life at a time when I was looking for a healing modality that resonated with my classically trained mind. I had almost given up ever finding such a modality when the universe prompted a friend to email me with the urgent request to check out spring forest qigong. I checked and it seemed tailor-made for me!  Here was a carefully planned and rigorous system with steps one, two, three, and four that one could follow easily, self- correct if necessary.  It was built on physics’ principles, tried and tested practice, and to my astonishment and pleasure accorded with solid scientific “truth” in the Eastern tradition.

A few days after receiving that email and checking out the spring forest qigong website, I jumped on a plane and headed for an international conference on this form of qigong, a conference that was planned for the following week. I listened and listened to the conference speakers, watched and observed the seasoned practitioners of this modality, and eagerly anticipated the major presentation to be given by the creator of spring forest qigong, international Master of Qigong, Chunyi Lin.

This man, then in his mid-forties, I believe, spoke so knowledgeably, humbly, and warmly that I was 95% convinced that this was what I was looking for.  Ever the skeptic, to fully be convinced, I had to read and study everything I could put my hands on about this healing qigong. Master Lin had already demonstrated during the conference his amazing healing power, and he said over and over, “Everyone is born a healer, you can do this too.” I could hear echoes of Jesus’ promise: “This you can do, and so much more.” No, I didn’t think he was another Jesus.  He simply showed through his amazing life and practice a portion of what we humans are capable of. I was won over.

To make a long story ever so much shorter, suffice it to say, I spent the next several years taking the full regimen of courses required to be an instructor and a believable healer. I learned that spring forest simplified teachings on healing by combining in its exercises the four elements of successful qigong; breathing, gentle movement, focus, and sound. Later, Master Lin added emotion as a necessary requisite.  With his blessing, I began right away to teach introductory courses in my living room and soon was invited to teach them at other venues around town. And, of course, with his support and urging, I also began healing using the systematic approach he laid out in his manuals. I loved it all – the teaching and the healing. I had heard so many testimonies from individuals who had found new life with qigong practice and who were miraculously healed by Master Lin and his students. Soon, I was receiving testimonies about my own healing abilities and was later named by Master Lin a “master healer.”

I felt a sense of wonder at being able to effect healing of persons who lived thousands of miles away. I knew that this kind of remote healing ability accorded with the principles of physics.  Nonetheless, it was something else to experience that ability in myself. I realized that another power, higher than mine, was at work here – the power of the universe.  All I had to do was trust in that power and proceed.

Many people find it difficult to accept this kind of power in anyone.  And that has always bothered me. These people want definitive proof. Then as if on cue, doctors at the Mayo Clinic, doctors who found that patients the Clinic had given up on, were subsequently healed by Master Lin, invited Chunyi to demonstrate to them what he could do. They tested him rigorously. They did research with him on the power of qigong, were convinced of his authenticity and now are taking his courses so they can be of greater help to their patients and indeed to their own healing and well being.

Master Lin and his gifts are in demand all over the world. And the numbers of his students are spread across several continents. I will always be deeply grateful to Master Lin for his teaching and example.

There is more to this story!

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Eileen Meagher is a gifted energy healer who connects people and animals with the Life Force in nature to advance their health and well-being in order to prevent illness, help eliminate existing problems, and heal systemic toxicity.


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