What is the Trivedi Effect®?2019-05-02T11:07:21-04:00

The Trivedi Effect® is a natural phenomenon that elevates our consciousness to reveal our life purpose, uncover our hidden gifts and guide us to achieve everything we were meant to. Everyone and everything in the universe springs from the energy of creation. Born of a divine source, this energy is the Life Force that connects us to each other, to ourselves and to creation itself. It is intelligent and powerful, far beyond what the imagination can comprehend. It can provide us with endless ability, abundance and joy – if we can harness it.

The Trivedi Effect® is the only scientifically proven phenomenon in which a person can harness this inherently intelligent energy and transmit it anywhere on the planet. It stands at the forefront of a new scientific paradigm that will forever shape humanity’s future. In addition to optimizing the human condition, it has the power to transform the cellular structures of all living organisms. Even further, it has the incredible capacity to permanently alter the atomic structures of non-living materials. Its impact has been tested, measured, documented and validated with the most sophisticated technologies available to modern science in over 4,000 experiments at numerous research institutes and universities across the globe. The Trivedi Effect® has been documented in over 350+ peer-reviewed science journals in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology, genetics, cancer, human health and materials science. These publications are available in the university library websites of over 1200 universities within the U.S., and hundreds of top universities around the world, including Harvard, Penn State University, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Oxford and Cambridge as well as the National Institutes of Health. To date, more than 250,000 people worldwide have experienced the incredible transformative power of the Trivedi Effect®. (Trivedieffect.com)

Who is Mahendra Trivedi?2019-05-02T10:51:48-04:00

A native of India, Mahendra Trivedi as a child displayed advanced levels of intelligence and perception, as well as a photographic memory. He earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, after which he worked in several industries. Eventually, he became a successful business owner, gaining prestige and wealth. He knew he had unusual gifts but he didn’t know how to use them. Dissatisfied with his achievements in the business world, he received Divine guidance at the age of 32 that he was to use his gifts to improve the condition of life on earth.

He found that he could harness the universal energy of creation and transmit it to other humans, raising their level of consciousness and giving them a stronger connection to the God of their understanding. When this connection is strengthened and consciousness is elevated, whatever potential exists within each person is optimized. This miraculous phenomenon is now referred to as the “Trivedi Effect®.” The public quickly accepted him as a spiritual master, and he began to use his gifts to transform the lives of thousands of people.

Wanting to learn about the capabilities and limitations of this energy, Mahendra Trivedi has successfully completed more than 4000 rigorous, laboratory controlled experiments. He worked with scientists around the globe to assess this Divine energy on living organisms (plants, trees, fungi, animals, bacteria, viruses, healthy and cancerous human cells) and on non-living materials (metals, ceramics, polymers, and chemicals). The results were astounding. The Trivedi Effect® was able to change the atomic, molecular and cellular structures of living organisms and non-living materials to optimize their potential. The results are available on the university library websites of the world’s top universities including Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, Penn State University, Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown and Columbia as well as the National Institutes of Health. Published in over 350+ peer-reviewed scientific journals, his research has been cited over 4000 times.

Today, Mahendra Trivedi is at the recognized forefront of Biofield Energy Healing Sciences. His mission is to share the Trivedi Effect® with the world, establishing a new scientific paradigm that will bring about lasting solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and vastly improve the human condition. (Trivedieffect.com)

Does Mahendra Trivedi espouse a particular religion?2019-05-02T10:52:36-04:00

No, Mr. Trivedi does not espouse any particular religion.  He encourages everyone to follow the path that leads them to God.  He endorses the universal principles of truth and justice. He tells us that the energy works independent of one’s religious or spiritual beliefs.  The Trivedi Effect® connects the recipient to the God of his or her understanding, regardless of any spiritual or religious affiliation. Practicing Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Agnostics, as well as Atheists have all reported receiving phenomenal benefits.  (Trivedieffect.com)

Are energy transmissions the same as healing?2019-05-02T10:55:50-04:00

A healing may improve a particular ailment, but the transmission of the Trivedi Effect® are intended to restore individuals to their natural blueprint and transform their lives for their highest purposes. Although healing naturally occurs as part of the process of transformation, this energy goes beyond the limited scope of “healing.” This energy transforms you for the next level, up to your limitless potential!

In several cases, recipients have unlocked hidden potential they never knew existed and began living at their optimal potential. While being aware of his extraordinary abilities, Mr. Trivedi does not call himself a healer or claim medical affiliation of any sort. The purpose of this energy is to connect you with your inner guidance system by deepening your connection to the God of your understanding. The grace of God takes care of everything else in your life. (Trivedieffect.com)

What are the benefits of an energy transmission?2019-06-13T15:04:28-04:00

People from all age groups and walks of life have reported profound improvements, like: better quality sleep, greater self-confidence, more profound inner peace, increased energy levels, less fear from the future; positive, dramatic shifts in their prosperity, relationships, health issues and perception; release from emotional trauma and newfound abilities to let go of the past and focus more in the present; relief from stress, anxiety and depression; and an overall optimistic mood. Others have reported an increase in abundance and overall career satisfaction, increased clientele and overall growth in their businesses; enhanced sex drive, competency and stamina; recognition by colleagues and family; and feelings of rejuvenation, motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration in life. Perhaps the biggest benefit that people are reporting is that, for the first time in their lives, they are able to realize and envision their life’s purpose through a deeper connection with the God of their understanding.  (See Trivedieffect.com for further elaboration.)

Does one experience immediate benefits from an energy transmission?2019-05-07T05:20:34-04:00

While each person’s experience is unique and the benefits are felt in many different ways, it is important to remember that transformation is a process; not an event. Great improvements in areas such as relationships, careers, health, emotional balance, sexual fulfillment, self-confidence, sleep patterns and finances have been reported, but the immediacy in which the transformational benefits unfold varies from person to person. Some improvements are seen almost immediately, while others happen over a little period of time. (Trivedieffect.com)

Are the benefits long lasting?2019-05-02T11:06:03-04:00

Once this energy starts working, it continues working for you and never “runs out.” After you receive your first Energy Transmission, your personal connection with the God of your understanding will begin to develop and will deepen as you move further along this path. The more frequently you receive these Energy Transmissions, the more rapidly you will transform. (Trivedieffect.com)

Are there ever any negative effects?2019-05-02T11:06:40-04:00

Each person who receives an Energy Transmission will respond differently. People most frequently report that they feel extremely refreshed, have found an increase in their energy and are less frequently tired. The night after an Energy Transmission, sleep is often deep and satisfying and there is usually a general increase in energy the following day. Often, the first sign that the energy has started working is a change in physical appearance – skin glows, eyes look brighter, sadness and fatigue seem to disappear. No adverse effects have been reported or observed to date. (TrivediEffect.com)

What is the “Ripple Effect”?2019-05-02T11:19:55-04:00

The Ripple Effect of this energy affects not only you, but also your environment and those around you. Often, people report that after receiving a series of Energy Transmissions, their son or daughter get accepted to the University of their choice or their husband scores a promotion. There are many instances where people express that their relationships with their family members, friends and colleagues start to improve and flourish, or they begin to feel greater compassion, love and affection towards others and towards humanity.

There have been many instances where resistant family members and friends of those receiving transmissions have become more open-minded after witnessing the transformation in their loved ones. (Trivedieffect.com)

How does one prepare to receive this energy?2019-05-02T11:19:11-04:00

When you sign up for an energy transmission, you do not need to do anything further to receive this energy. It is transmitted through powerful thought intention and the intelligence of the energy will do its work without any extra effort on your part. (TrivediEffect.com)

How do we know that this energy is genuine and authentic?2019-05-02T11:17:54-04:00

The amazing impact of this natural phenomenon has been measured, validated and documented in over 4,000 studies at major research institutes throughout the world and published in nearly 200 scientific leading peer-reviewed journals internationally. This research on the Trivedi Effect® is available on the university library websites of the world’s top universities, like Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Penn State University, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Oxford and Cambridge as well as the National Institute of Health (NIH). Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have benefitted from this phenomenon and are enjoying its life-altering rewards. Mr. Trivedi’s transformational abilities have been proven and are widely recognized by the international scientific community. (Trivedieffect.com)

Is a group energy transmission the same as an individual one?2019-05-07T05:27:40-04:00

Group Energy Transmissions focus more on general, overall growth. Individual transmissions or intercessions are tailored to the personal needs of the individual. (Trivedieffect.com)

Are distance energy transmission as powerful as in-person transmissions?2019-05-07T05:26:46-04:00

Mr. Trivedi has assured us that remote Intercessions are equally as powerful as in-person Intercessions. “This energy … has great intelligence, just as it knows which cells are cancer cells and which are healthy cells, as shown in laboratory experiments. In U.S. based cancer research experiments, this Energy Transmission killed the cancerous cells while at the same time, promoted the viability of the healthy cells. It knows what to do and how to attract what you need for your happiness and transformation,” explains Mahendra Trivedi. (Trivedieffect.com)

Why should I believe that you have the ability to transmit this energy too?2019-05-07T05:31:58-04:00

My ability to transmit this energy has been proven in a science laboratory.  See the published articles under my name.

How are you different from other healers?2019-06-07T11:03:13-04:00

My ability has been tested and authenticated by scientists. The results are published in respected and juried science journals. I differ from other healers in that my abilities have the validation of science.

Suppose I don’t feel anything during a transmission, has the energy failed to help me?2019-05-07T05:30:37-04:00

Everyone’s path to transformation is unique. Benefits can be felt in many different ways and at many different times. You may not even realize the results immediately. It is important to remember that transformation is a process and not an event.

During their Energy Transmissions, some people experience heat, shivering or tingling in their body. Some report being surrounded by an aura of white or blue light. Some cry and feel intense emotional release or find that a deep sense of peace and calm has filled their entire being. Others do not experience any immediate physical or mental sensations during or following the transmission, but this does not mean that the energy is not working. During the course of his personal journey of transformation, Mahendra Trivedi never experienced any of the above himself. He does, however, continue to be transformed by this energy in his own unique way. (Trivedieffect.com)

What is a “healing crisis”?2019-05-02T11:13:29-04:00

During the process of transformation, people elevate to new and higher levels of consciousness. When people elevate to the next level, some feel uncomfortable for a small period of time as they adjust with the new situation in their life. For example, if you are living in the dark and suddenly somebody turns on a light, your eyes need some time to adjust with the environment of light. In the journey from darkness to light and from light to even greater light, in every new situation, people feel a little discomfort while adjusting to their new environment and state of being. The discomfort during this period of adjustment is what we call a “healing crisis” and will resolve itself over a short period of time. (Trivedieffect.com)

Is this energy a substitute for taking a doctor’s prescription?2019-05-07T05:29:06-04:00

No.  It makes no medical claims.  Anyone with a serious medical condition should see their doctor.

I am healthy and strong with no ailments. Would receiving this energy benefit me in any way?2019-05-07T05:21:42-04:00

Many have reported spiritual awakenings, more intense or frequent spiritual experiences, and deeper, more profound meditation. This is because these Energy Transmissions clear blockages and connect you to the God of your understanding, or the source/universal intelligence that is the reservoir of peace. (Trivedieffect.com)

What precisely do you mean by “Evidence Based Healer”?2019-06-07T11:17:52-04:00

I have scientific evidence to support my healing abilities. See the list of my published articles under “Science.”

Do you have evidence to support remote healing ability?2019-06-07T11:20:29-04:00

Yes. While residing in the USA, I did remote healing on mice and nutraceuticals in India under laboratory conditions which were developed and monitored by scientists.

Where can we find that evidence?2019-05-02T11:02:11-04:00

The evidence is published in juried journals housed in major universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford and a host of other universities worldwide. It is also published in NSA.

How have you personally benefited from this energy?2019-06-07T11:20:20-04:00

My well being, my life’s focus, and my desire to be ever more deeply connected to the Pure Source of creation have all undergone a significant transformation for the better. My arthritic ailments have disappeared, chronic sciatica pain is no more, occasional restlessness and boredom is replaced with calmness and peace, my emotional life reflects a more mature balance, my physical appearance is increasingly youthful, I enjoy deeper relationships with friends and family members, I exhibit an improved immune system, and there is no fear of the future. In short, because of my altered perceptions and increasing wellbeing, my love of life has grown exponentially.

What attracted you to the work of Mahendra Trivedi?2019-05-02T10:53:49-04:00

I had studied a number of healing modalities. While may of them are indeed helpful, the public in general tends to view them with skepticism. When I saw that Mahendra Trivedi’s work had been and continues to be tested in scientific laboratories and found to be authentic by skeptical scientists, I knew immediately that I wished to be affiliated with the kind of validation he receives.

How do pharmaceutical drugs and the Trivedi Effect differ?2019-05-02T10:49:23-04:00

Pharmaceutical Drugs relieve symptoms of a problem or disease. The Trivedi Effect goes to the root of the problem or disease and works on healing causes rather than symptoms.

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