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Growing up with Angels

A few miles outside of Dublin, Ireland, in the village of Leixlip, there lives an extraordinary woman, an internationally known mystic by the name of Lorna Byrne. Born in 1953, she is now in her mid-sixties and travels all over Europe and so far the Eastern half of the United States talking about her “life with angels” and that is meant literally.

You see, from her earliest years, she saw angels, talked with angels, and was taught by angels.  They continue to be a regular part of her daily life. When she was around three years old and was beginning to talk, her angel friends warned her not to tell anyone, including her family and especially her family or she would most likely be put in a home or hospital for the mentally ill.

Because she enjoyed the company of the angels so much she would escape into the woods around her home and play with them. Her parents and siblings felt her behavior was not normal so she was regarded as retarded and treated as such. When she was two years old, the family doctor told her mother that she was retarded. While she was dyslexic, she was far from retarded and deeply felt the stigma of being treated as such. The comfort and teaching of her angel friends prevented her from being depressed. She experienced enormous love and peace and teaching from them.

Her teachers also regarded her as retarded. She was not permitted to continue her education beyond elementary school. At that point, her father had her work with him in his automobile repair shop. The Archangel Michael visits her regularly.  Her own guardian angel was and is a constant companion, and she sees and visits with many other angels. One angel, Hosus, is a regular companion, taking the form of a human male, dressing like one in regular clothes.

The angels told her that God wanted her to write a book about her experiences when she was older. She was astounded by that information and claimed that since she could neither read or write, it would be impossible for her to write a book. She was told to trust and that help would be given her.

That help came. And in 2008, she published her first book, Angels in my Hair, which quickly became an international bestseller and has been translated into twenty-three languages. Since then she has written six more books. She continues to live quietly in rural Ireland between her extensive travels throughout Europe and the USA. She has been interviewed widely on talk shows etc. Those interviews can be seen on her youtube channel. People from all over seek her out for healing and counseling.

Her main message is that every one of us has a Guardian Angel who is with us from the moment of our birth and who never leaves us. That angel and all the angels want people to know that they are deeply loved and cared for by the Divine. Her books are full of stories of her many experiences with the angels, of the visions given to her, of the wisdom imparted to her. Also, her books reveal the many difficulties she experienced and the obstacles she overcame.

When her first book was published, the official Catholic Church in Ireland was skeptical. Now, however, it supports her message/work and wards off criticism. In her interviews and books, she presents herself as a simple, ordinary person. She constantly expresses her surprise that she was chosen to live her life with angels. Initially, she thought that everyone had the same experiences she had. When one googles “Books About Angels,” one finds that such books are numerous. There appears to be worldwide interest in Angels in every religion and/or spiritual belief system. Lorna Byrne is unusual in that her books are so widely read and acclaimed. She has a website, One can email her at her website and leave messages or requests for prayers and healing there.

Growing up Catholic, I believed that I had a guardian angel and said an angel prayer every evening before going to bed. As I entered teenage years and adulthood, while I still believed in angels, I would forget to say the angel prayer and at a certain point no longer said it. I thought of it as a prayer meant for children to say. Lorna Byrne’s book rekindled my interest in angels and I like to think that I now have a more mature interest in them and the role they play in our lives. I have never seen an angel but they no longer strike me as a “childish” fantasy or preoccupation. I am grateful to Lorna Byrne for sharing her story. I readily and gladly admit that reading her books does indeed impart a “sense of peace” as the London Times writes (see below).


“Byrne gives hope and a sense of peace; something that the Church has been unable to do for a long time.”  The London Times

“Since recorded history, certain individuals have sensed, seen, and conversed with angelic presences. Since we are appallingly ignorant about the nature of consciousness, it is premature to dismiss these reports as fantasies, which is too often done. Lorna Byrne’s Angels in My Hair is captivating. It is both a challenge to skeptics and an inspiration to those whose experiences confirm transcendental realities.” Larry Dossey, MD, New York Times bestselling author.

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Eileen Meagher is a gifted energy healer who connects people and animals with the Life Force in nature to advance their health and well-being in order to prevent illness, help eliminate existing problems, and heal systemic toxicity.

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