My Sunflower Experiment and the Power of Roots

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My Sunflower Experiment and the Power of Roots

This is a story about an in-house experiment that revealed to me the importance of healthy roots.

My teacher, Mr. Mahendra Trivedi,2 had shown with scientific evidence the transformative power of the Trivedi effect on roots in a number of experiments scientists had conducted on his work. After receiving several years of Life Force energy transmissions from him, and with his encouragement, I did my own in-house experiment with sunflower seeds.

I purchased two large bags of organic soil and a packet of sunflower seeds at the local Home Depot store. I found a stretch of unencumbered plot that stretched 15-16 feet long in my back yard, a plot that received plenty of direct sunlight.

I emptied one bag of the soil over 5 feet wide at one end of the plot and the other bag five feet wide at the other end. There were 5 feet of ground separating the two ends. I spread the soil as evenly as I could over each end. I took the packet of seeds, opened it, and spelled out 20 seeds onto my hand. I planted ten of the seeds in each 5-foot plot. And I made sure to cover each seed with the soil around it. I then poured a water can full of water over both plots. Contented that I had done the “spade work” well, I proceeded to the heart of my in-house experiment.

I called the left end of the plot “the control area” and the other end “the test area.”

I gave energy to the test area. And then I let nature take over. Every day, I watered both plots with the same amount of water from the same source.

In due course, both plots produced tall, stately, and beautiful sunflowers. I was enthralled by their beauty – I love sunflowers. There appeared to be no visible difference in the sunflowers produced in the “control area” from those in the “energy area.” I was puzzled as I expected that the flowers produced by the sunflower plot to which I had given energy would differ in some notable healthy way from the sunflowers produced in the control area. Perhaps the sunflowers in the energy plot would be taller, fuller, and more of them. I began to think that my little experiment as an experiment of the power of energy was a dud.

Then, one night a strong storm visited my yard and house: sheets of rain, gale force winds, and scorching lightning with the loudest thunder. My thoughts were not on the flowers but rather on the trees in my back yard. I hoped that none had become uprooted or that large limbs had not

fallen near the house. The next morning, I checked the yard for possible damage. The fine. The sunflowers in the control area however were completely flattened and lifeless. They looked so crestfallen and already withering. Those in the energy plot, to my delight, were unbent. They stood tall, noble, with faces lifted toward the sky.

I stood looking at them, pondering the wonder of their stateliness after such a storm.

Remembering what Mr. Trivedi had said about the importance of strong roots, I decided to check the roots in each area. I pulled up several roots from both plots and laid them side by side. The roots of the flowers in the control area were, small, thin, and the hairs at the roots were short. In contrast, the roots of the “energy” sunflowers were round, big, bulbous, and the hairs emanating from the roots were long, going deeply into the soil.

The poet George Herbert wrote some years ago, “Storms make the oak grow deeper roots.”3 And another great poet, Carl Sandburg wrote,” Let the gentle bush dig its root deep and spread upward to split the boulder.”4 A healthy, strong root can yield rich fruit – can even “split a boulder.”

The implications for my own personal growth were not lost on me. When I attend to the roots of calmness, trust, devotion to the truth, hard work, and 100 percent responsibility within my own being, I know that the Universe will look kindly upon me, will reward me with the fruits of those qualities, will enable me too to overcome major obstacles – to “split a boulder.”




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