There is Pathological Anxiety. But There Is Also Transformative “Sacred” Anxiety! Who Would Have Thought So!

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There is Pathological Anxiety. But There Is Also Transformative “Sacred” Anxiety! Who Would Have Thought So!

Pathological Anxiety

The anxiety that garners the attention of psychologists and psychiatrists has a sad and prolific offspring!1

There is General Anxiety Disorder otherwise known as GAD (General Anxiety Disorder);

There is Social Anxiety,

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),

Panic Disorder,

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

There is so much literature about these disorders and so many people in the US that suffer from them – 28 million2 – that one tends to dub any instance or form of anxiety pathological.

Reality Anxiety

But Freud reminds us that it is natural for all animals (four legged, two legged animals, and non legged [fish!]) to experience what he terms reality anxiety.3 It is not pathological.

It is a natural response to a perceived threat or danger.

For example, dogs typically quake and hide when they hear thunder; horses shy away from obstacles; even the imperious domestic cat will use that imperiousness to ward off other threatening animals.

Humans naturally become anxious when a beloved child gets sick, when the fury of a tornado is immanent, when a sudden illness hits a family member and so on.

Reality anxiety is part of life and as such is passing unless one resists it.  It then can become pathological.

Sacred Anxiety

There is a third genre of anxiety that Freud does not discuss and that the literature on anxiety mostly ignores.  It is called “sacred” anxiety.4

Most Westerners or certainly most Europeans interested in spiritual growth are familiar with John of the Cross’ Dark Night of the Soul,5 with Mother Teresa’s private diaries and letters that detail her anxiety over seeming desertion by her God,6 and with St. Therese of Liseux’s account in The Story of a Soul7 of her anxiety about what she felt was an inconsequential ability to contribute to the well being of others.

In Western hagiography, there is that running theme of the authentic spiritual path marked by the inevitable “dark night” of the soul. The “dark night” consists of doubt, desolation and mental anguish in the form of anxiety.

Western poets, too, especially from the 18th century onwards “celebrate” it in sonorous lines as does Keats in his When I have Fears:

  “When I have fears that I may cease to be/Before my pen has gleaned my teeming brain…  I stand on the wide, wide shore and think/Till Love and Fame to nothingness do sink.” 8

Wordsworth pleads in the last line of his poem Speak:

  “Speak that my torturing doubts their end may know.”9

Emily Dickinson writes of her dark night in the poem I Felt a Funeral in My Brain:

“I felt a funeral in my brain/And mourners to and fro/Kept treading – treading – till it seemed/That Sense was breaking through -.”10  

Shakespeare, mostly in his tragedies (Macbeth, King Lear, Othello), has his main characters give voice to existential anxiety as does Hamlet in his famous soliloquy:

 “Oh that this too, too solid flesh would melt/Thaw and resolve itself into a dew/Or that the Almighty had not fixed his canon against self slaughter.”11

Such anxiety would appear to be a hallmark of Western literature.

Sacred Anxiety: A Necessary Stepping Stone to Wholeness

 Sacred anxiety, far from being pathological, is portrayed as an essential part of the journey toward finding meaning in life, as a necessary stepping stone on the path to wholeness preceding the surrender that catapults one into Peace.  Robert Zinburg goes so far as to say that this anxiety is an emblem of spirituality.12

Robert Gerzon in his book, Finding Serenity in an Age of Anxiety13 argues that sacred anxiety, instead of being a weakness, is evidence that one is confronting courageously the uncertainties of life.

Gerzon even suggests that this anxiety should be cultivated as it helps one to order one’s priorities in the service of “living in accordance with our highest values.”13  

Nature of Sacred Anxiety

It is clear that at the heart of this “sacred” anxiety is a plague of doubt, consternation that one is deluded, a serious and soul shaking loss of full throated trust in one’s God/Pure Source, Creator or higher power.

The term “dark night” is an apt description of this subjective experience of isolation, desolateness, forsakenness. It is an experience marked by deep anguish or anxiety.

Bernadette Roberts, a contemporary American and widely acclaimed mystic writes at length in her book The Experience of No-Self about the arduous journey involved in seeing, accepting, and surrendering to this necessary state of sacred anxiety.

She encapsulates the Western teaching of the necessity of losing one’s life in order to find it, a teaching that ordains anxiety as an essential and for most a prolonged accompaniment on the way to the high state of consciousness ordinarily referred to as enlightenment.14

One can feel powerfully intimidated and helpless by the thought of having to endure such anguish in one’s search for the purity of mind and spirit that allows union with the Source of all that is.

 Do We Have to Experience Sacred Anxiety in Order to Grow?

We may well ask, is there no way around “sacred anxiety”?  

A new groundbreaking energy called Trivedi EffectR appears to provide that way and to short circuit the “dark night” which for most would appear to be the result of faulty conditioning.  

The “dark night” is understood by spiritual scholars mentioned above (Gerson, Ginsburg and mystic Bernadette Roberts) to be the effort of Grace to undo the unconscious and conscious habits of thinking, feeling, and living that create the necessity of a “dark night” in the first place.

 The Source of the Power of the Trivedi Effect

The energy of the Trivedi Effect flows directly from the limitless intelligence of the Universe and transforms the receiver, sometimes at once and more often over time, in such a way that having to experience anxiety or a ‘dark night” becomes moot.

This miraculous Life Force energy can restore that natural blueprint of one’s being, and because it can transform at the molecular level, it can connect one seamlessly and without strain or effort on the subject’s part to that limitless intelligence or Pure Source.15  

All that is required is calmness, adherence to the principles of universal justice, truth, honesty, loyalty, and an immersion in the wellspring of trust.16 Its mysterious and miraculous force is provoking a new paradigm in science

as the work of Newton provoked a new scientific paradigm, as the work of Galileo provoked a new paradigm, and as Einstein shattered the out dated paradigm of a three dimensional world.

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is the founder of this unique energy.

Mr. Trivedi has demonstrated in laboratory science under the strictest conditions the profound applications of quantum physics, of a multidimensional world.

The energy known as the Trivedi EffectR is the life force of the limitless intelligence which formed us, sustains us, and all of life.   It not only benefits plants, animals and all humans, it can indeed help spiritual seekers and non seekers alike realize profound transformation.

Mr. Trivedi having demonstrated the power of this energy in healing damaged soil, in producing healthy and abundant crops in some 4,000 experiments has also gifted a group of healers with the ability to use this energy to also help people, plants, and animals.15 The abilities of these healers have been tested and validated by laboratory science.17

Their lives are demonstrating that, as a result of the Trivedi EffectR, not only sacred anxiety but all forms of anxiety from reality anxiety to the many pathological forms can give way to a steady calmness, to a restoration of well being, to transformation.18 The Trivedi EffectR is astounding, confounding, and challenging scientists.  They find it hard to understand, and yet they can’t deny the results they themselves witness in the laboratory.  



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