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Eileen Meagher is a gifted Life force energy healer who connects people and animals with the Life Force in nature to advance their health and well-being in order to prevent illness, help eliminate existing problems, and heal systemic toxicity.

Eileen supports individuals and families to transform the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of their lives.

The energy can be received remotely or in person.  It can be transmitted to individual persons or to groups of people, to animals, and to plants/crops.  This powerful energy is intelligent and unique in that it knows where exactly lies the root of a problem.  When directed by the thought intention of the sender/healer, it enters the recipient at the time intended, day or night.  It is best that the recipient be relaxed.  The energy when transmitted remotely will be directed to enter the person when he/she is asleep.

It can prevent illness, help heal existing illness/problems, and heal systemic toxicity.  With regard to the latter, we all store some toxicity in our systems physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  And if we are taking prescriptions drugs, this energy can eliminate the side effects, the toxic effects of those drugs.

It works according to the laws of nature.  Just as a seed can take time nurtured by rich soil, water, and sunlight to yield a flower or fruit, so do the recipient’s integrity, love of truth, and calm acceptance of life in the moment speed up radically the benefits bestowed by the energy. Accordingly, healing can occur quickly – overnight – or gently overtime.  The recipient needs to do nothing.

When transmitted to a group of people/animals/plants, the energy immediately works on overall wellbeing.  And in person or local transmission focuses on the specific concerns related to the well being of the recipient.

Experience the transformation yourself, join a program today!


Activate a deeper connection to your Spirit

30 minutes

Consultation over Phone

Let nothing hold you back from creating the life you’ve always wanted.

5 Life Force energy transmissions

Delivered remotely in your sleep, one every night for five succeeding nights

Information Requirement:

Name, age, location and a recent photo.

In-person Transmission

  • Up to 45 minutes phone consultation plus blessing

Remote Transmission


Forge a deeper rootedness with your Spirit

Immerse yourself in Life Force Energy with one or more of the following programs:

  • Individuals

  • Children and Families

  • Pets

  • Home or Property

Benefits can include:


  • Improving overall health

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Reducing symptoms of chronic pain and ailments


  • Improving interpersonal relationships

  • Experiencing greater compassion

  • Developing deeper awareness of the quality of one’s relationships

  • Releasing unhealthy relationships

Finances and Career

  • Improving one’s occupational satisfaction

  • Increasing one’s capacity to generate income

  • Improving general financial wellbeing


  • Strengthening the connection to one’s inner guidance system

  • Discovering one’s life purpose

  • Developing and/or increasing appreciation and understanding of one’s spiritual path


Limited Availability

Gift yourself and family with Life Force Energy Healing.

 Eileen’s membership programs for adults and children help with all issues related to well being and the experience of a joyful, fulfilling life. They help with specific life events both celebratory and challenging, celebratory such as preparing for a graduation, a wedding, the birth of a child, an anniversary etc. , challenging such as experiencing sudden illness and/or the sudden death of a loved one, coping with a health problem, becoming a single parent, adjusting to a new culture, adapting to the demands and life changes of retirement, preparing for a difficult interview or examination, needing help with trust and confidence etc. Whatever your needs are, a membership program will benefit you in every way and in unexpected ways.

Because animals and plants have no mental or emotional resistance to receiving nature’s energy bounty, Eileen’s program for them connects them directly to the Life Force of nature. Sign them up for an ongoing program and rejoice in nature’s gift of flourishing good health and productivity.

Members pay at the beginning of each month and may terminate their program at the end of any month. You may wish to call Eileen via skype or phone for a free consultation before starting a program.

Information and requirements: Name, Age, Location, and a recent photo.


The children’s program is a powerful opportunity to support the overall development of your child through daily or every other day transmissions of Life Force Energy. Your child receives these transmissions during his/her sleep when they are relaxed and most open and receptive to the energy.

The children’s program requires that at least one parent participate in another membership program. Included is an optional monthly follow-up call.


“It Is Health that Is Real Wealth.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

15 Transmissions a Month

Daily Transmissions


“A child is an uncut diamond.”

– Austin O’Malley




Daily Transmissions


Magnify the impact of Life Force within your life, your family, your community, and your world

Amplify and exponentially boost your consciousness, your overall well being, your abundance in every area of your life, by connecting yourself deeply to the Source of creation with membership in this powerful, new program. Eileen will be joined by gifted healers Krista Callas and Kathryn Sweas who will transmit Life Force Energy to you either every day or every other day.

Benefits are not limited to, but may include:

  • A quickening in your abilities to connect to your original blueprint for your life’s journey.

  • Sharpened awareness and alertness to opportunities as they present.

  • Committing more deeply to your life’s purpose as a result of new understanding.

  • Increased ability to act and implement efficiently from an ever increasing consciousness.

  • Emotional Release of long standing patterns that limit your vitality, well-being, and happiness

  • Lifeforce energy healing plays a significant role in clearing and aligning chakras.

15 Per Month

Every other day



The Amplify Program also includes free of charge the Community Webinar and a half hour meeting each month (optional) with the healer of your choice during the first three months of your program.


Membership programs are offered on an ongoing monthly basis and have limited availability.   Each program includes a monthly complementary webinar in which Eileen is joined by two gifted, scientifically validated Trivedi Healers: Krista Callas and Kathryn Sweas.

krysta energy healer

Krista is a gifted energy healer who earned her Master’s Degree in Somatic Psychotherapy, and worked in private practice combining Craniosacral and Birth Trauma Resolution Therapies with mothers and their infants. For many years she struggled with serious health issues, which all began to clear up when she met Guruji. Today, she is a Life Force Energy Healer, a wife, a homeschooling mom, and a small farmer who is devoted to Guruji’s revolutionary and life altering teachings. She is thrilled and deeply grateful to be collaborating with such talented colleagues at the forefront of this new, emerging Biofield science, and to be participating in bringing new solutions to our world. (

kathryn energy healing nashville

Kathryn is a natural-born healer and has served successfully as a professional nurse, an inspirational teacher and facilitator and studied and worked in the fields of Holistic Health and Wellness, Mental Health, Aging Populations, Conscious Energy Healing, and Body-Mind Therapeutics. In association with other Trivedi Effect healers, she is currently enjoying her journey in service as a “disruptive innovator” offering Life Force transmissions and promoting Life Force Science. Through her association with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and Trivedi Science, she is devoted to establishing the reunion of Spirit and Science within a rapidly changing paradigm unfolding for the benefit of life on planet earth. (

Monthly webinars will address different topics and conclude with a powerful Life Force Energy Transmission administered jointly by the three Trivedi Healers.


Special projects in the areas Agriculture, Livestock, and more, are available, including the opportunity to collaborate with a powerful group of scientifically validated healers.

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