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Self-Analysis & Assessment
Thoughts | Reflection | Introspection

Self-analysis is an exercise that leads to honest self-assessment.

It is a nightly practice that snips away at the veil of delusion, revealing to us where we have knowingly or unknowingly lied to ourselves about our responsibility for the thoughts, words, and actions that filled our day. Where we have been accustomed to blaming others – parents, teachers, friends, relationships, life, our DNA, or even God – for the way we are, the self-assessment that results from self-analysis forces us to take full responsibility for every aspect of our lives and to look squarely at the choices we make and the excuses we make for our failures. It requires us to ask honestly why we think as we do, why we act as we do in word and deed without in any way blaming others.

The practice of self-analysis can help us see more and more clearly our delusions, where and how and when we have succumbed to pampering others and/or ourselves and as a result fail to genuinely “care.” For example, if we are involved in a service industry or occupation, we can ask ourselves if we charge without excuse the market value, or if we over charge by lying to ourselves about the unfairness of the market value, or if we undercharge to court favor or false respect. Genuine “caring” for ourselves and for others, and genuine valuing of our services leads us to recognize the true value of our work and engenders self-respect and the respect of others.

Such self-analysis helps us see when and where we have crossed the fine line between independence and arrogance, where we value independence so much we become inflexible. It helps us differentiate between the well-wishers in our lives and “parasites.” Well-wishers are loyal, honest, caring, resourceful and inspiring colleagues/friends/ family members, while “parasites” consciously or unconsciously use us for selfish ends, lowering our level of consciousness if we don’t sever our relationship with them. The self-analysis or self-assessment helps us to start everyday anew, unburdened by the past, and with no fear of the future. We wake up to each new day fresh, energetic, pure, honest, and eager to be productive. Thus this form of self-analysis/self-assessment helps us see that the root cause of our problems and difficulties lies in mistaking our perceived value of ourselves for our real value. Our perceived value comes from being ruled by the body and brain that feed us the information that we are rejected by others and more importantly by ourselves. We then overcompensate for the feelings generated by that information by being dishonest with ourselves, by deluding ourselves with the burden of arrogance and lack of trust in the wisdom of nature. Our real value comes from the spirit that through the grace of knowledge teaches and cultivates the basic ingredients of genuine happiness: honesty, caring, productivity, alertness, and an ever growing awareness of the potential for growth in each moment.

The nightly practice of self-analysis around the many aspects of information versus knowledge can transform our lives, raise our level of consciousness, and foster the deepest respect for truth and devotion to truth. It can help us develop a balanced independence and promote flexibility. The latter, in turn, while often entailing a necessary degree of uncertainty and some ongoing stress and fear can expose us to the charm and wonder of the mystery of existence and introduce us to a more prosperous life in every way. “One cannot be prosperous in a routine job” (Guruji Mahendra Trivedi).

The practice of self-analysis leads us away from delusion and harmful ego to the truth by helping us accept wholeheartedly our full responsibility for what is, for courageously admitting our failures, for creating and adopting a necessary action plan and for implementing that plan.

The faithful, clear-headed practice of nightly self-assessment/self-analysis leads inexorably to a grace filled life brimming with successful outcomes.

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Eileen Meagher is a gifted energy healer who connects people and animals with the Life Force in nature to advance their health and well-being in order to prevent illness, help eliminate existing problems, and heal systemic toxicity.

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