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Solving the Problem of Chronic Fatigue

Healing Chronic Fatigue Quickly, Easily, and Calmly.

There is a solution for Chronic Fatigue and a rather simple one at that.  It is to train oneself to see and accept the normal and/or abnormal life challenges as opportunities for growth rather than as paths to failure.

The Issue is Widespread

Chronic Fatigue is an epidemic in the United States.  The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports that 76% of the workforce is tired most days.  45% of Americans wake up feeling tired or fatigued up to 3 times a week.  People between the ages of 45 to 64 experience the greatest fatigue and women feel more tired than men. The economic cost of Chronic Fatigue in lost productivity alone is 9.1 billion dollars annually.1,2


Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, grief, persistent pain, overuse of alcohol and/or drugs, and lack of physical exercise or too much physical exercise – any of the foregoing can cause serious fatigue.

Medical schools do not prepare primary care doctors to pay close attention to the problem and so it goes unnoticed and therefore untreated.3

Medical and Alternative Treatments

Typically, doctors advise patients who report chronic fatigue to take Epsom salt baths, rest more, and they sometimes recommend acupuncture.  They also often prescribe drugs if they see symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, and they recommend that the client/patient see a psychotherapist/psychiatrist. Alternative modalities such as yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, massage give temporary relief. But these approaches give no lasting relief, and often then the spirit of the client/patient becomes so worn down that he or she can get more depressed and anxious and even more tired.4

My Story

From an early age, I wanted more than anything else to have a successful and fulfilling future.

I naively thought that those who enjoyed a successful, fulfilling life did so without having to deal with hardship.  Their intelligence and talents made their lives foolproof to difficulties.

My own life was clearly not foolproof to hardship even though I was considered intelligent, a hard worker, and one who did all the “right” things. I began to doubt myself, became increasingly anxious, and worried that my plans for my life would never materialize. I worked even harder thinking that I simply needed to force life to be the way I envisioned a happy, productive, successful life should be.

I saw struggle as failure, and the more I struggled against failure the more I saw myself as a failure. The result was a pattern of anxiety that left me “burned out,” tired, fatigued, anxious, depressed, and sleeping a lot.

 Relief and Its Source

Serendipitously, or so it seemed, I listened to a series of webinars featuring Mr. Mahendra Trivedi, an ordinary and humble man with a powerful gift. He spoke of his work transforming people, crops, and animals – work that has been tested in laboratory science and validated by it. His amazing work is published in juried science journals and carried on the websites of major universities worldwide. Of his gift, Mr. Trivedi says, “I know I received this gift for a higher purpose.  It is simply to bring this energy to the world.”5

I had already tried the solutions offered by western medicine, eastern medicine, and a multitude of healing modalities to no lasting avail.  I felt strongly that there had to be answers somewhere to the chronic fatigue I was enduring and the questions about life that plagued me.

Convinced by the scientific authenticity of Mr. Trivedi’s work, I eagerly joined his healing masters program in order to receive this transformative life force. As the energy began to restore the wellbeing of my body and to clarify my mind, I learned from Mr. Trivedi that it is precisely accepting and embracing the normal challenges of life that heal us, that help us to achieve our goals.

I learned too that it is trust in universal intelligence rather than trust in the fallibility of our own limited brains that enables us to enjoy happy, fulfilled, and productive lives.

Our brains are gifts and they do help us to learn and to use commonsense in making choices about the foods we eat, the schools to attend, how to run a household, how to find a suitable job, how to manage family and work relationships.  They do not help us, however, to solve life’s mysteries.  They are not meant to; they are limited.

I noticed that one of the many gifts of this energy called the Trivedi Effect is a growing state of calmness, the result of a profound shift in perspective. I no longer see challenges as obstacles to growth but rather as opportunities to grow, indeed without which there would be no growth.

Because this life force energy comes directly from the limitless intelligence of the Universe, it has the power to eliminate chronic fatigue at its root.

 As someone who overcame debilitating tiredness and fatigue by trusting in that limitless intelligence and enjoying the fruits of the Trivedi Effect, I would encourage anyone suffering from chronic fatigue to avail themselves of as much as possible of this transformative life force energy.  They can do so by visiting my website6 ( or by visiting the website of Mr. Trivedi7 (



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Eileen Meagher is a gifted energy healer who connects people and animals with the Life Force in nature to advance their health and well-being in order to prevent illness, help eliminate existing problems, and heal systemic toxicity.

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