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Decreased Inflammatory L-Homocysteine Marker and Improved Submission To The Divine

I contacted healer Eileen Meagher about receiving Trivedi Effect energy transmissions for stiffness around my thoracic back area that has been bothering me for the past several months. After a short communication, we agreed to a series of remote energy transmissions for my mid-back area and for a second request to see if the energy transmissions could improve my ability to submit to the Divine. I was also eager to see what effect these energy transmissions would have on improving my problem-solving ability with clients with difficult problems by submitting more readily to the Divine for assistance and help. I was impressed with her professional manner and knowledge about my condition in dealing with me and my particular issues.

After completion of the initial set of energy transmissions by Eileen, I noticed an immediate improvement in the stiffness in my thoracic back area. I was also able to see a 55% decrease in the L-homocysteine level, a common inflammatory marker measured in the human body, in the area of the T9-T10 vertebrae. This decrease was measured using a special monoclonal antibody test kit designed to measure L-homocysteine before and after Eileen’s energy transmissions.

The reduction in inflammation took place without taking any medications and without resorting to risky invasive medical procedures. During the period of energy transmissions, I also experienced a breakthrough in client problem solving that I attribute to an improvement in my submission to the Divine. Based on these documented results I would recommend Eileen and her energy transmissions as an alternate way to deal with inflammation of the muscles, bone, and joints of the back and in aiding in raising your ability to submit to the Divine.

John S.

Eileen Meagher is a very professional scientifically validated Trivedi Effect healer. She was very understanding and warm when I called her and she suggested a week of Energy Transmissions during my sleep. I had been under a lot of stress lately and during the week of transmissions I calmed down and enjoyed what I was doing although it was the same amount of work. My relationships became much better, a business opportunity appeared and I became more grateful for everything in life. I highly recommend everyone to get Life Force Energy Transmissions from Eileen, it really gives results.

Carola S.

Eileen Meagher is a gifted Trivedi Effect Life Force Healer. From our first conversations, she was so kind and knowledgable. She put me at ease and gave me the confidence to say yes to myself. I decided to go forward with the program she recommended. I had been feeling that I needed to pivot in my life and business. I have been going through a period of transition and desired clarity on my next steps. Within the time of my program, I started to feel my awareness shift. I have found myself more relaxed and fully in trust. I am feeling more confident, certain, and at peace. In my new relaxed energy, I have also received three new client referrals with no effort on my part. Thank you Eileen Meagher. I know that the best is yet to come! I highly recommend Eileen for anyone seeking a gifted healer.

Zhanna Romm
I connected with Eileen Meagher because I was looking for clarity in my life. She was kind, caring, and explained the way the Energy Transmissions worked and started them that night. I have to say, I certainly have greater expansion and clarity now! I would highly recommend Eileen to my family, friends and whomever could use some extra support! Thanks a million!
Keli M.
“I was referred to Trivedi Effect healer Eileen Meagher because she had been a nun for 20+ years. I was having trouble with my faith and consequently was depressed and sad. I found Eileen to be very professional and compassionate. She asked questions to clarify what I meant by “trouble with my faith”. Together we determined that I wanted a deeper connection to the God of my understanding. Her work is amazing. As the week went on I felt more and more bubbly and happy. I never expected results to happen that fast. I strongly recommend Eileen Meagher.”
Joy A. B.
I have had spells of back pain. I noticed that friends had asked Eileen for help with healing. My focus was on relieving the pain. Eileen worked with me and not only did she help with the back pain, she helped me see through my heart, love myself, and watch for opportunities to adjust my consciousness. She helped me change my perspective and go with the flow instead of wasting time arguing with God and the universe. Eileen is such a treasure and I thank God for having a chance to work with her.
Katherine P.
“Eileen Meagher is one of the most skilled energy work individuals I have experienced in my 40 years of seeking knowledge in this area. I would recommend her to anyone who is drawn to the power of harmonizing the body and mind with healing.”
Ed Jones, Owner and Manager of Nutrition World
“The benefits I’ve received from Eileen Meagher’s work have changed my life profoundly. I have a deep and lasting energy that comes from healing at the cellular level. Life is not only more easily productive; joy and personal growth are keeping step with the improvement in my health. I have tried numerous avenues to regain and restore health and vitality such as herbs and exercise. Nothing came close to the improvement I have received from Eileen’s treatment. I cannot recommend her enough. It is my heartfelt desire that others benefit from her immense abilities to produce true and positive change in their health and life.”
Pam S. (LMT)

“I was due to have a hysterectomy and asked Eileen for a healing session to prepare me for the surgery. During the session, she noted a problem in my hand but I said there was none. I forgot I had a cut on my thumb that had been there for several months and was very painful. After the hysterectomy, I left the hospital in two days and I healed quickly. I also noticed that the cut on my thumb had completely healed. My quick recovery and healing was, I believe, due to Eileen’s healing ability.”

Terri G.
“My experience with working with Eileen has been transformational. I love the changes I’m experiencing in my thought patterns and habits.”
Jessica A.
“I was seized by a respiratory grunge that was quite debilitating. After Eileen’s treatment, I was breathing more easily. I had a surge of energy and was able to run a couple of errands. The next day, I had decidedly turned the corner and within another day was back to normal. I am a grateful recipient of Eileen’s healing ability.”
Treva T.

I was fortunate to be led to meet Eileen Meagher a gifted Scientifically Validated Life Force Energy Healer. After looking at her beautiful website and learning about her science I was fortunate to meet her in person. She has a gentle presence is caring and compassionate and asked questions to get to know me better. She is knowledgeable about the Trivedi Effect and after receiving this energy I have had the courage to speak my truth and even noticed increased peace and calm while making deep and difficult decisions. I highly recommend Eileen if you are looking to improve your health and wellbeing in your life!

Inthirani Arul
I was experiencing leg pain for awhile when walking the stairs and I am a kind person that don’t like to take any painkiller medicine. I was referring to Eileen Meagher who is evidence-based Life Force Energy Healer. During the consultation, she was very patient with me and she took time to listening to me what my concerns were. I felt very comfortable with her and decided to give it a try. After receiving the first 5 days of Energy Transmission, I noticed it is so much better, and in the 7th day, I was able to walk freely without pain. I am very happy with the results and I highly recommend Trivedi Effect healer Eileen Meagher to any one who is seeking for natural alternative treatment for their overall health and well-being.
Su-Mei L.
Eileen is a healer. She has been sending me Life Force energy on a daily basis. I have felt a peace and ease come over me that has not been there in the past. I’m spending more time knowing myself and less time pointing fingers at others. Thank you Eileen!
Teresa J.
My experience with Eileen has been extremely healing and educational. I had a back injury followed by back surgery. Since that time, I have had chronic back pain. Because of Eileen’s healing, I have many days when I have no back pain at all. A recent bone density test showed improvement in my bone density numbers for the first time ever and I am not taking any bone medication. Eileen has helped me with several areas in life that had resulted in years of anxiety and depression. Today, I am no longer on antidepressants. She supported me through the recent end of a 25 year relationship/marriage. Her healing has undeniably been a tremendous factor in my increasing wellbeing. The energy, love, and knowledge that comes from Eileen is so uplifting and inspirational. She is a person of integrity, truth, and joy. I have tremendous respect, a grateful heart, and much love for Dr. Eileen Meagher.
Patrice D., LBSW
“My kidneys were hurting. During a healing session with Eileen I was healed of issues I had been working on for years. Her healing made a huge difference in my health. I recommend her to everyone and often.”
Tami F.
“Eileen prepared me for ovarian surgery by providing relief of what I believed were severe gallbladder symptoms so I could enjoy a week’s vacation with my family. Eileen’s validation of my concerns gave me the support to urge my doctor to investigate my gallbladder. My doctor reluctantly called on another doctor to look at my gallbladder. He found it to be very toxic and removed it at the same time as the ovarian surgery was performed. He said I would have needed emergency surgery within two weeks to remove that sick gallbladder. I appreciate Eileen’s knowledge as well as her ability to lead her clients down their own path to healing.”
Bridget D.
“I was suffering for over a year from sciatica pain that ran from my left hip down to my ankle. The pain was sometimes excruciating and sometimes mild but it never went away. Since I was in the same room as Eileen, on the spur of the moment I called on her to do a healing on me. She did it very quickly, nothing long or complicated. Immediately the pain disappeared. I decided to see if I could walk, almost afraid to try for fear the pain would return. It didn’t. I walked more quickly, then ran to my car, and still no pain, nor did it come back. It was simply a miracle. I am so thankful and I don’t know why I waited so long to ask for Eileen’s help.”
Karen C.

“Thank you for helping me become the man I am today. You are a gift from GOD to all of us and I hope you continue to improve lives for many years to come.”

Brad W.
“I have been a student of Eileen’s for almost 10 years, attending numerous classes, practices, and healing sessions. She is one of the best kept secrets in our area. Her energy, intuitiveness and knowledge are truly enlightening!!”
David L.
“I favored my left hip and also felt a lump in my breast. During Eileen’s healing, I first felt relaxed, then felt warmth mostly on my left side. I felt at peace afterwards. The next day and for several days I felt “dragged out” and so tired. I was healed and I am grateful to Eileen.”
Eileen A.
“I was having immune issues and personal stress and hardly recognized myself. An acupuncturist recommended I see Eileen for a healing session. Several sessions later, my spirit and body found the peace it needed to begin the healing process. The love of the universe flows through Eileen. I deeply appreciate her help and healing. Thank you, I am functional again.”
Breann T.

Eileen is a true gem and we are lucky to have her in this area. She has a gift that can bring one of a kind experience like I have never seen. She truly has a heart for helping others and if you are willing she can share her gift with you and touch your soul.

Blake R.
“Because of Eileen’s healing, I have a renewed sense of vitality and purpose. I am easier on myself and others and am more cognizant of my many blessings.”
Janet H.
“Eileen’s healing work has made a subtle but profound difference in my life, giving me a stronger sense of myself. I see the benefits in my daily life where I am happier and more at
Ben R.
“I cannot thank Eileen enough for a beautiful healing session. I appreciate her wisdom, time, and love.”
Jann S.
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