The Evolution of the Ministry of Healing: Qigong and the Trivedi Effect, Part II

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The Evolution of the Ministry of Healing: Qigong and the Trivedi Effect, Part II

I was quite content with the work Qigong enabled me to do. Helping others gives one much satisfaction and happiness. I never imagined I could do anything better than lift heavy spirits, relieve aches and pains, and help others recover the joy of life.

Along Came the Trivedi Effect®

I listened to a webinar featuring Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. This man was born in India, became an engineer, and appeared to be content with his life. From his early childhood, he knew he had the gift of healing and when he was no longer content with his regular job, he donned healing robes and joined the many other “healers” that are legion in India. He soon recognized that a number of so-called “healers” were really sham artists taking money from poor people.  He shed his robes and donned instead a suit and tie, and he decided that he wanted his healing work to be validated by rigorous scientific testing.

In the ensuing years, he performed many, many experiments – 4,000 in all – which demonstrated without a doubt that he was uniquely gifted with miraculous powers. He converted soil contaminated by pesticides and insecticides into rich soil that yielded abundant, healthy crops simply through thought intention. Scientists monitored his work and published the results in juried scientific journals that can be seen in the library holdings of every major university worldwide.

Mr. Trivedi felt called to leave India and take up residence in the United States of America. He traveled all across the country healing and helping people. At first, he took no money for his work.  Soon he had to in order to get the word out about his scientific achievements.  He gave thought provoking discourses on every aspect of life. He said that the Divine had gifted him with the rare ability to transmit “life force” energy to every form of life.  This energy has the power to transform the structures of cells and restore to them their natural blueprint. It is a profoundly intelligent energy which knows exactly where the cause of an ailment/disease is and proceeds to rectify the problem.

Not content with helping people directly, Mr. Trivedi or Guruji (as he has become known to his students) created a Healing Masters program to empower others with Life Force energy to help them become clear conduits for this energy so as to lead happy productive lives and enable others to do the same. He also arranged for his students in the Healing Masters program to have their work tested scientifically and thereby validated. His “healers” are different from healers in other modalities in that his have scientific validation and the others do not.

Because Life Force energy affects not only the transmitter as well as the recipient of this energy, but also any who come close to it or engage with it or are related to one who is directly receiving the energy, it has a ripple effect which together with a direct transmission are known as the Trivedi Effect®. That effect is immensely powerful.  Those who attend Guruji’s workshops or are in his “aura,” so to speak, receive the benefit of the Trivedi Effect®.

Guruji makes it clear that he is interested in outcomes not in procedures, processes, and protocols which tend to mark the work of other healers. He transmits Life Force energy from a high level of consciousness.  He wants his students to grow their level of consciousness in order to increase their potential for transmitting the energy. To that end, everyone in all of his many programs receives regular Life Force energy transmissions.

Given my interest in science, I was impressed by and amazed at Mr. Trivedi’s abilities. He transmits this powerful Life Force energy directly from the Creator simply with focused thought intention. He uses no particular procedures, processes, or protocols and neither do his students. I joined his Healing Masters program shortly after hearing that introductory webinar and began to receive regular transmissions of the energy. Eight years later, I am a different person. My chronic fatigue and tendency to be anxious have dissipated. I feel stronger, healthier, and am definitely happier. And I am so deeply grateful to be an ever clearer conduit of this Divine energy for others.

To be able to transmit Life Force energy to others simply with thought intention fills me with joy. All I have to do is go about my life with honesty, love for the truth, integrity, and being as productive as possible, taking full responsibility for my thoughts, words, and deeds. My consciousness as a result can become higher and higher.

Evolution of Healing

International Qigong Master Chunyi Lin clearly states that the goal of Spring Forest Qigong, the form of qigong he created, is “A Healer in Every Family and a World Without Pain.”  Because of his personal journey in being healed of traumatic injuries, he wants all the world to know how to clear away pain. He does stress the importance of “love” as central to healing; he does not directly address personal transformation. On the other hand, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi stresses the need for personal transformation. The Life Force energy he transmits and the discourses he gives have as their goal the purity, honesty, devotion to truth, and productivity of all who seek oneness with the Creator. He too wishes to help those who are in pain.  Pain for him, however, is a broad concept; it is the faulty conditioning of all of us: the cultural conditioning, the familial conditioning, the conditioning of our educational system, unconscious conditioning. All of the foregoing leave us ripe for delusion.

There is a host of healing modalities all of which focus on the removal of some form of malady whether physical or emotional. The Trivedi Effect® because of the totality and power of its reach constitutes, I believe, a quantum leap in the world of healing.

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Eileen Meagher is a gifted energy healer who connects people and animals with the Life Force in nature to advance their health and well-being in order to prevent illness, help eliminate existing problems, and heal systemic toxicity.

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