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Thoughts on the Role and Power of Our Spirit

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As we know, each of us is composed of body, mind and spirit. The body provides the vehicle whereby the spirit can experience life here on earth. The mind responds to the dictates of the spirit and the wellbeing or lack of wellbeing of the body.

The spirit in turn commands the wellbeing of both mind and body. The energy and light of Life force energy flows from the spirit to the mind and body.  The health then of the spirit is essential to a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

If the pattern of mind, for example, is to resist the knowledge of the spirit, the spirit and its life force become less vital and even weak, and gradually so weak it leaves the body.

When the body obeys, as it must, the imbalanced mind, overall health declines; unhappiness, worry, doubt, fear, anger, grief corrode the spirit and severely limits both the quality and quantity of one’s years.

On the other hand, if the body, mind, and spirit work in harmony, life flourishes. The light of the spirit grows exponentially and becomes like the sun, illuminating every cell in the body, and every thought in the mind.

The mind as it listens peacefully in stillness to one’s spirit becomes more and more alert, more aware, always raising its level of consciousness higher and higher as it becomes more capable of discerning what truly feeds itself and the health of the body. The light of the Spirit empowers and enlightens the mind to take full responsibility for its every thought, word, and deed.

The body in its growing state of wellbeing visibly reflects through clear sparkling eyes and glowing skin the light and power of the energy of life force emerging from the wellspring of the Spirit.  Body, mind, and spirit become one flow of energy brightening all there is.

Since the spirit is the proper master of our body and mind, we may ask “What is its essence? “ From where does it gets its power?  It is a speck, so to speak, of the infinite, universal, beneficent force known to us as the Creator or the God of our understanding.

It is light from the most brilliant of all lights, it partakes of the limitless intelligence of the universe, and this light is purity itself.

From it the light filled mind learns how to live according to the laws of nature, how to enjoy life, how to reap abundance of riches for the health of the body and for every area of our lives including familial relationships, relationships with friends, and most importantly, our relationship with ourselves.

When the light of the spirit flows freely and abundantly and powerfully through body and mind we become, as Mahendra Trivedi says, “not what we wanted to become but more than we ever dreamed of becoming.”

We begin to see ourselves family, friends, and work through the piercing all-knowing eyes of the ceaseless, unending caring, peace, creativity of Infinite truth, justice, balance, and love. We truly become the light of the world.

We can receive more and more of this life force energy of the pure source from Mr. Trivedi himself and from those of us he has empowered to be conduits of this miraculous and amazing light. You can contact Mr. Trivedi on his website Trivedi or from me at my website

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About the Author:

Eileen Meagher is a gifted energy healer who connects people and animals with the Life Force in nature to advance their health and well-being in order to prevent illness, help eliminate existing problems, and heal systemic toxicity.

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    What gorgeous piece! Beautifully written and very inspiring!

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