The Trivedi Effect Transforms All Anxiety Even “Sacred Anxiety”

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The Trivedi Effect Transforms All Anxiety Even “Sacred Anxiety”

Is there such a thing as “sacred” anxiety”?  Freud doesn’t think so, and scholarly literature while acknowledging that there is a normal everyday kind of anxiety goes on to discuss an endless variety of pathological forms such as Social Anxiety, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Panic Disorder, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), etc.

Some psychologists, however, write about a form of anxiety that is exhibited by persons on the spiritual path and that seems essential to that path.  John of the Cross wrote at length of the “Dark Night of the Soul.” Mother Teresa of India fame reveals in her letters to her spiritual directors that she was filled with anguish and doubt, believing that her God had deserted her.  Indeed spiritual literature is replete with accounts of the “trials and tribulations” experienced by those seeking union with their God.

Poets and playwrights and novelists also tend to write of an essential darkness that attends Life itself.  Shakespeare’s plays especially his tragedies are replete with soliloquies delivered by main characters expressing anguish over their struggles with truth, loyalty, trust, justice etc.  The name “Dark Night” given by John of the Cross seems an apt term for the apparently inevitable desolation and anguish (anxiety) experienced by those seeking to live a just and honorable life.

A couple of modern psychologists address this form of anxiety as an indication that one is simply trying to live life according to noble and/or high standards.  They agree that “Sacred Anxiety” rather than being pathological is really an “Emblem of Spirituality” (Richard Zinberg). Another psychologist (Robert Gerzon) attributes this anxiety to one’s growing awareness of mortality, of being alone in the universe, of feeling inconsequential in the scheme of things.

Since a “dark night” would seem to be a necessary experience for those attempting to live a “holy” life, one wonders if there is a way to avoid the passage through such painful anxiety.

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, the creator of the Trivedi EffectR, stresses the need for radical trust in one’s God, that this trust obviates the need for a “dark night.” He would say that the so-called “dark night” is really the attempt of Grace to burn away years of damaging conditioning caused by cultural norms and inadequate belief systems that contribute to a delusional sense of self, of the Creator, and of the path to wholeness.

Mr. Trivedi, whose work has been tested under rigorous laboratory conditions by scientists, is gifted with the power to enable seekers and non-seekers alike to open to a radical trust in the creator, a trust that bestows the calmness necessary to achieve success in every area of life. It is calmness, he would say, that dissolves anxiety of every kind including “sacred anxiety” and leads one to fulfill one’s life purpose. The life force energy of the Trivedi EffectR can bestow that calmness.

Rather than being a struggle that leads to anxiety Life is meant to be happy, Mr. Trivedi maintains.  The major breakthroughs he has made in science tend to validate and authenticate his thinking and teaching in all matters related to universal justice, Truth, honesty, and wellbeing of body and mind. Following the laws of nature and trusting wholeheartedly in the Creator through the transformative power of Life Force energy gives one that calmness that eliminates all anxiety at its core.

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Eileen Meagher is a gifted energy healer who connects people and animals with the Life Force in nature to advance their health and well-being in order to prevent illness, help eliminate existing problems, and heal systemic toxicity.

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